T.R.U.S.T.® Technician Training DVD and digital copy of Companion Workbook

A first-ever video demonstration of the best-practices of the best-in-class service and maintenance technicians who consistently create the highest customer satisfaction AND produce the best sales results with service agreements, accessory/enhancement, generate highly-qualified sales leads and sell replacement systems.

This DVD is divided into 33 sections or “Sales Bytes®” that illustrate the kind of approach or behavior most contractors would like to see their technicians use. Some examples:

·      Professional appearance
·      Meet and greet the customer
·      Confirming the reason for the call
·      Setting expectations for the call
·      Inviting the customer to observe
·      Engaging the customer
·      Discovering customer needs
·      Offering service agreements
·      Renewing service agreements
·      Offering enhancements
·      Creating a sales lead
·      Making a sale
·      Handling objections
·      Using financing to make the sale
·      More more more!

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