Proposition Selling Book

It’s not about the one-time sale.
It’s about the lifetime customer.

Tom Piscitelli and John Sedgwick have a combined eighty-plus years of experience in business and sales, and if they’ve learned one thing, it’s that you need to know your customer. Proposition Selling is all about how to sell with the customer in mind. It’s about selling where the salesperson begins by analyzing his or her territory to identify the best opportunities for growth. That requires the salesperson to understand each customer individually and find out how each customer wants his business to grow. It requires the salesperson to earn the right to be seen as a business partner in a business-to-business relationship. Join Tom and John as they take you through the proposition selling process. In each chapter, you’ll feel like you’re with them, calling on clients, and learning the ins and outs of the top sales professionals. Discover in these pages how to:

  • Develop an effective selling mindset
  • Overcome false beliefs about customer satisfaction and buying habits
  • Relate to customers, earn their trust, and ultimately, their business
  • Use account analysis strategies to find and sell to target accounts
  • Find out what each customer’s most important business needs are
  • Create a winning sales proposition
  • Change customer behavior for your mutual benefit
  • Apply The Trust® Management and Leadership Model to achieve extraordinary success
Your next sale awaits you. Close the deal with confidence by using the strategies you’ll learn in Proposition Selling.

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